Victoria Bitter 24 x 375ml Cans

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    Thomas Aitken first brewed Victoria bitter in 1854 at the Victoria Parade Brewery East Melbourne as a full-flavoured, full-strength and thirst-quenching beer for the harsh Australian climate. Through the magic of digital recording, the TV ads still feature the voice of iconic Australian actor John Mellion, even though he passed in 1989. This much-loved beer is always in the top five most popular beers in Australia and has been for many years so will always be received well at your party.
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    Full-flavoured, full-strength Victoria Bitter has a gentle fruitiness of aroma complementing the sweet maltiness in the mouth which in turn balances perfectly with the clean hop bitterness of the finish. Victoria Bitter has a higher bitterness than most beers through the Australian family Pride of Ringwood Hops which helps it retain its flavour ice cold. Serve with salty snacks to keep up the thirst.
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  • Victoria Bitter is one of Australia's top-selling beers nationally
  • Victoria Bitter is full-flavoured, full-strength and thirst-
  • Its gentle fruity aroma complements the sweet maltiness in the mouth
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