Twisties Cheese 100g

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    Here’s a snack with one of the best catchphrases of all time; Life’s Pretty Straight Without Twisties! Invented in the mid-1950s, they’re cheesy, crunchy, very more-ish and perfect for that salty snack time that can be anytime between 10 am and midnight. In the 1990s Natalie Imbruglia starred in a Twisties commercial and went on to Neighbours and worldwide musical fame so if you want an inspirational snack for the office, this is it.  
  • Tasting notes
    Twisties are corn and rice-based snacks, baked and covered in flavouring and cheese powder. They contain msg and are delicious, perfect for building a thirst for soft drink or beer. The side effect of turning your fingers orange is temporary and finger-licking good.
  • Twisties Cheese is an iconic Australian snack
  • Baked Crunchy Twisties are dusted in tantalising orange cheese powder
  • Twisties are great fillers for that salty snack craving any time of day
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