How to make St Patrick’s Day fun in the office!



 At Shorty’s, we love celebrating every holiday to show employee appreciation and reinforce our corporate culture.

We especially love Saint Patrick’s Day (Tuesday 17th of March) because we can get creative with the color green!

We’ve got a few ideas to make St. Patrick's Day office celebrations EXTRA fun this year for your office.




Paint The Office Green

Set the theme by adding splashes of green around the office common areas. In our experience, green streamers, green balloons, shamrock, or printed green napkins and green tablecloths have done a great job at making the office look more festive and creating a St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere. 

Take the theme one step further by inviting employees to dress in green & award the team member wearing the greenest. You can help them out with a few props, such as glasses or necklaces that your closest dollar store is bound to sell. 

Ryan's (Shorty's Customer Relationship Manager) Helpful Tip: If You have a reception area, surprise and delight office visitors with some gold chocolate coins in a black pot. 



Green Feast & Drinks

Do you have foodies on the team? A potluck that incorporates the theme is a brilliant way to get some delicious and diverse food for the entire team to enjoy, from green decorated treats to a stew or corn beef, there are numerous options for the table. Alternatively, you could keep it simple but impactful with a selection of tasty green treats.

To accompany the delicious food, provide the team with some green thirst-quenching beverages. If it is an alcohol-free event, offer our Green Botanica juice - healthy and always a crowd-pleaser!

We also have a vast range of easy-drinking green-labeled wines and ciders, check them out below. Better yet, include some classic Irish beers, such as Guinness or Jameson Irish whiskey, for the team to enjoy at the end of the day. 


Engaging Activities 

Keep the team engaged throughout the day and run some Irish Trivia in the office! Whether you run it on your intranet, via email, or in the office common area, it's bound to be a great success at getting the team into the spirit. 



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