The Office Party: 5 Ways to Flip the Script

The Office Party: 5 Ways to Flip the Script

Sick of the same old office shindigs? 

Here are five ways to flip the script and throw a work party that’s a little different and more engaging!

1. The Reversal

Get the bosses suited up like waiters and bartenders to serve the staff for an afternoon. As well as creating a memorable and excitable difference to every other Friday night drinks, it’s just a nice way of showing your hardworking staff that the management team actually care about them. Better yet, it’ll save on waiter costs. Extra points to any big dogs that can mix cocktails with some flair. 

2. The Festival

Go hard and get the crew pumped about a work event unlike anything they’ve seen before with a corporate festival. Hand out wristbands, set up games, order in different cuisines, and bring in a DJ (or a few). Unlike a real festival, ensure there’s no line for the bathroom.

3. The Surprise Party

Block out an afternoon for corporate training (or whatever sells) and drop a surprise party on the team. Their week will go from zero to epic as soon as the first bubbly sip of Champagne hits their lips. Expert tip: tell the team there might be a few drinks after training, so they should leave their cars at home. 

4. The Game Show

Get someone in a wig and a silly suit and throw a game show party for the team. It could be office trivia, Wheel of Fortune, or a little custom concoction of your own. It’ll get everyone working together and having a laugh at the theatrics of it all.

5. The Scavenger Hunt

Spend some time building a scavenger hunt that reflects your team and business. It could take people around the office or around the town, and ends with a few drinks as everyone shares the fun. Expert tip: split the teams so they cross divisions and get people working who usually don’t spend time together on the same side, and then create clues that speak to your business, so it feels a little personal (“ie. The bar we spent Christmas 2018 at.”)