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11 Ways to Toast Your Team Back to the Office

After two long years, it’s time to celebrate the fact we can get together again… in real life! For all the benefits of WFH, many workers still say they find meaning and social connection in their workplaces. For us, it's the conviviality and collaboration that you can only get face-to-face, and we do love an event that’s for sure. But for many people, breaking their WFH cocoon after two years is more than a little confronting. Some people have literally never met their colleagues other than on Zoom.

So as many Australians ponder a return to their physical workspace – even for a few days a week, workplace culture has never been more important. And while we don’t have all the solutions, we sure know how to have a good time here at Shorty’s Liquor. So, if you’re keen to get people back to the office, here are 11 ideas we think will have them running to the office door (BTW – active wear is still most welcome here).

1.  Welcome them back with a surprise

Give each team member the perfect welcome back surprise. Choose a gift for everyone in minutes with our gifting service. Personalise a welcome back message or video straight to their inbox and phone. If you need any assistance, our corporate gifting team is ready to work with you to create a gifting experience that will impress!

2.  Flip the script

Let the boss serve drinks for the day. This is a great way for your chief to get to know all the staff in a fun and down-to-earth way. We can help with the delivery and set-up so it’s a simple but special get to know each other hosted by the boss.

3.  Meet, greet and onboard the newbies in style

After two years of Zoom hellos, it’s time to get to know each other IRL. Congratulate new starters before they arrive with a special gift delivered to their door and then host an onboarding welcome to meet and get to know you. Our event concierge can arrange it all.

4.  Lucky door prizes

A weekly or monthly draw of lucky door tickets is a fun return to the office incentive. More tickets for more days of the week means a better chance to win an awesome gift, such as a special Champagne, a beautiful bottle of red, a favourite Malt Whisky or boutique Gin.

5.  Help them on their health journey

Most of us are trying to ditch unhealthy lockdown habits so stock the office with coconut water, kombucha, sparkling water, infused teas and cold-pressed juices. And for impromptu celebrations (yes, we miss you, birthdays), there’s plenty of low and no alcohol drinks too.

6. Make offsite events extra special

We’re the BFF of the BYO. We can supply all your refreshment needs from ice to tubs and glassware. Be it a picnic or a super yacht, we can help you bring the fun back. The Shorty’s team have been planning events for decades and work with the best caterers in the country.

7. Try cocktail making for team building

We’ll get you together again by taking an event from ordinary to engaging. Our events concierge will take care of all the details. Try a cocktail masterclass or perhaps explore the world of wine with a prestige Champagne or premium Barossa Shiraz experience.

8. Make any day the new Friday

Our research indicates that with the increase of flexible working arrangements, many people will choose to work from home on a Friday. So why not make Thursday (or any day) the new Friday with regular office drinks such as Wine Wednesdays or Get Together Thursdays.

9. Twist up monthly business updates

Give your team an extra incentive to make monthly meetings a true IRL highlight. From an energy drink to celebratory bubbles and plenty of snacks, talking sales figures has never been so much fun and motivating.

10. Host an IRL happy hour tasting

It’s time to ditch Kahoot and have a hoot, IRL. Finally, face to face connection is fast-tracked. Why not start with a guided tasting session. We have experts in all areas of beer, wine and spirits and can tailor an experience to meet your needs and palates.

11. Come back to bubbles

Toast happier days with a magnificent set of Magnum Champagnes. If you have something else in mind, throw us the challenge. We’ve delivered Dom Perignon by sea plane, built massive Champagne towers, and sourced the largest bottles of Belvedere imaginable.

For us, getting back to the office is all about social connections and getting back to normal. We love working as a team and are here to help you get your team back in the spirit too. Be it an office presentation, product launch, directors meeting, showcase or just a celebratory get together, we can ensure your beverages and gifting are on-point and to budget with reliable timed delivery too. So you can get back to doing what you love in good company.