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The Drop Magazines

The Drop Magazines are all about the stories behind some of our favorite brands, where to drink them and how to drink them.


The Drop Issue#1

The concept behind creating ‘The Drop’ is to tell amazing stories about our beloved industry.

We believe that the best way to build our brand and business is to create something that really adds value to the lives of our customers: by sharing the tales and provenance behind the rich products we sell and the people behind them, by helping you navigate the often complicated world of fine wine, liquor and gifting, and by publishing something that’s both educational and entertaining.

The Drop Issue #2  

This edition includes brand stories from famous brands such as Dom Perignon, Stone & Wood, Chandon and Coopers. There's guides to visiting the Yarra Valley, Margaret River, Mudgee and the McLaren Vale and a whole lot of fun and helpful content that are sure to enhance your drinking experience. Whether you're reading this at your desk, in an office lobby as you wait for a meeting, on the bus or at home, we really hope you enjoy this little publication of ours.

Like a good cocktail, we've tried to make it equal parts informative, fun and compelling. Take a sip and let us know what you think.

The Drop Issue#3

This issue includes the launch of Shorty’s Virtual Gifting Experience. On this new platform, you’ll be able to select your choices from our industry-leading range of gifts and simply add your recipient's name, phone, email, and a personalised message and/or video. In addition, we’ve also talked to some of our favourite winemakers to hear stories of their favourite styles and wines from their region!

This issue is genuinely jam-packed full of interesting stuff, from interviews with brewers to how-to guides and carefully curated lists of the wines you should be drinking.

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