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SPEAKEASY 200 Underground Cocktails by Benny Roff

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    Cocktails have been around for a couple of hundred years but became a sensation when alcohol was criminalised in the Prohibition era in 1920s USA. Drinkers were forced underground, often literally, into speakeasies, where the illicit service of low-grade alcohol was disguised with entertainment like Jazz bands, and additives like fruits and cordials to make the bootleg hooch palatable. These underground drinking dens became particularly popular in New York and cocktails like the Sidecar, White Lady, Clover Club and French 75 among many others, were invented and enjoyed between police raids. Speakeasy is a cocktail book that celebrates this exciting gin-soaked, gangster-frolicking era, with 200 cocktails for every taste. With cool 1920s art deco style illustrations throughout, and a perfect gift format, this is the one cocktail book to relive the heady golden days.
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  • Speakeasy 200 has famous cocktail recipes from the Roaring Twenties
  • Speakeasy 200 recipes are in 1920s art-deco graphics and illustrations
  • This recipe book has 200 cocktails to suit every taste, a perfect gift
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