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Schweppes Lemon Lime Bitters 1.1L PET

  • Product details
    Schweppes Lemon Lime Bitters is a refreshing carbonated soft drink that can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer.
  • Tasting notes
    Using six botanical spices and herbs including cinnamon, clove and pimento berry, Schweppes Aromatic Bitters is handcrafted in small batches then combined with lemon and lime juices and a bespoke blend of natural lemon, lime and citrus oils.
  • How to enjoy
    More Information
    Variety Soft Drink
    Vintage Variable No
    Country Australia
    Closure Screw Cap
    Size 1.1L
    Brand Schweppes
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  • Great cocktail mixer
  • Very refreshing and versatile soft drink
  • 1.1-litre recyclable PET bottle
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