Rocks Brewing Co. Hangman Pale Ale 24 x 375ml Cans

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    Founded in 2008, Rocks Brewing Co started as a gipsy brewer for the first 5 years before constructing their state of the art brewing facility, bar and restaurant in Alexandria, south of Sydney, opening in 2014. Their core range of beers and one cider are known as the “Character Range” representing different people from the harsh days of the early Australian colony. No prizes then for guessing who The Hangman Pale Ale represents and it’s Rocks Brewing’s take on a big, brash American-Style Pale Ale that features a huge hit of citrus and stone fruit hop notes on the nose.
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    The Hangman Pale Ale has hoppy, strong citrus and stone fruit aromas over a light caramel malty background. The taste is a smooth balance of fruity hops and caramel malt with a medium bitterness. It has a medium body and a smooth, semi-sweet finish. Rocks Brewing recommends pairing with fried chicken tenderloins in Napolitano sauce and mozzarella.
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  • Hangman Pale Ale is a big brash American style craft Pale Ale
  • Hoppy with strong citrus and fruity aromas over a caramel background
  • Try Hangman Pale Ale with Italian influenced fried chicken dishes
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