Red Bull

Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink 24 x 250ml Can

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    Red Bull has a flavour all of its own which is best described as sweet, candy, pop tart flavour.
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    Discovered by a jet-lagged Austrian on a trip to Thailand, Red Bull is a Thai/Austrian collaboration that has been refined since 1984 into the world’s most popular energy drink. The caffeine, Taurine and vitamins improve concentration and alertness and Red Bull promotes these benefits with its sponsorship of various high-octane extreme sports. Red Bull is the go-to 'pick me up' to avoid the after-lunch crash, is widely liked as a mixer with vodka and this sugar-free version is light on calories too.
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    Country Thailand
    Closure Ring Pull
    Size 250ml
    Brand Red Bull
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  • Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world
  • Red Bull’s caffeine and Taurine increase concentration
  • Mix Red Bull with vodka, or drink as a sugar-free pick me up
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