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Oakridge is an award-winning winery, cellar door and restaurant, situated in the heart of Victoria’s oldest wine region; the Yarra Valley.

Established in 1978, Oakridge has grown to become an internationally recognised producer of distinctive and expressive cool-climate wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. In addition to the 10 hectares of vines at the Oakridge vineyard, our grapes are also sourced from carefully selected sites located in the upper Yarra Valley.

Oakridge is focused on innovative, sustainable and environmentally sensitive viticultural practices, valuing vine and soil health to grow the best possible fruit. All grapes are handpicked to maintain the uncompromising quality the winery is renowned for. The team at Oakridge applies traditional winemaking techniques and only intervene in the natural process of wine making when they need to.

Viticulture at Oakridge

Oakridge practices Biological farming, not biodynamic, not organic. It is a focus on soil health and creating biological diversity in the soil and vineyard. The team uses compost teas, organic fertilisers, cover crops, gentle chemistry in the spray programs, as well as natural plant elicitors to set off the plants own immune system, making them harder for diseases to invade. Skin toughness is a focus of the spray program for berry integrity, colour and flavour.

Oakridge winemakers lean toward organic practices with not using herbicides, instead undervine cultivation and mowing. They are as gentle, organic, biological, sustainable as they can be, yet if the season turns on them, they don’t have a label stopping them from protecting the fruit, therefore the business as a whole.

David Bicknell, Chief Winemaker

With precision, innovation and decades of experience, it is David Bicknell’s innate understanding of grape and terroir that result in outstanding Oakridge wines year after year. David successfully amplifies site whilst seamlessly constructing the balance, elegance and freshness that define Oakridge wines. He is a Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year Winner (‘17) and respected senior wine show judge, including tenures at the National Wine Show and past Chair of Judges at the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards and the Royal Queensland Wine Show.

“David Bicknell is an exceptionally gifted winemaker who exemplifies all that is admirable about the movers and shakers of Australia’s wine artisans” - James Halliday, Wine Companion

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