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Kirin Ichiban 24 x 330ml


  • Product details
    Ichiban means first as well as best in Japanese and reflects the beer's unique 'first press process, brewing the malt, hops, and water to a pure state for the best flavour.
  • Tasting notes
    Crisp at the start, Ichiban delivers a smooth and rich malt flavour.
  • How to enjoy
    More Information
    Serving Temp 4 - 6 degrees
    Standard Drinks 1.3
    Variety Beer
    Region Australia
    Vintage Variable No
    Country Australia
    Closure Crown Seal
    Size 330ml
    Brand Kirin
  • Delivery
  • Crafted with finest ingredients
  • Pairs beautifully with Japanese cuisine
  • Only major beer brewing with first press wort
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