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1. Pour Chandon S, we recommend stemless glasses.

2. Add ice bricks. 

3. Run fresh orange zest over the rim and then add to the cocktail.

4. Toast and enjoy.

It's 5pm Somewhere!

Welcome to Shorty's podcast. Tune in for a weekly toast on wine, beers, spirits and much more.

In conjunction with Cape Mentelle and Cloudy Bay, it’s our pleasure to invite you to an invitation-only virtual wine tasting with two acclaimed ANZ winemakers - Ben Cane (Cape Mentelle) and Jim White (Cloudy Bay). 

Facilitated by MJ Van Vuuren, the trio will guide you through the tasting profile of two of our favourites - Cape Mentelle Chardonnay and Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir. 


  • Cape Mentelle & Cloudy Bay pioneering history 
  • Marlborough and Margaret River regions 
  • What makes these two wineries so famous 
  • Flagship Wine Tasting
  • Q&A 

This not to be missed event features two of ANZ's most acclaimed wineries, binded together through their no compromise, quality-minded approach. This event will be the perfect way to spend an evening with a small group of friends and family and travel to the winery virtually during #iso. 

How to Participate:

  • Order your Best of Both Lands Tasting Set including: 
    • Cape Mentelle Chardonnay
    • Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 
  • If you already have the wines on hand, you can register using the form below
  • Zoom link will be emailed to the registrant or purchaser's email address prior to the event. 
  • Join via Zoom Thursday, June 25, 2020, 6:00 pm AEST for the live wine-tasting and conversation with MJ, Jim and Ben. 


Cloudy Bay was one of the first wineries to venture into Marlborough. Cloudy Bay’s founder - David Hohnen - was convinced of the regions potential to produce great wine. Since then, Marlborough has risen to be one of New Zealand’s leading wine region, as well as one of the finest winemaking locations in the world.

The winery was named after Cloudy Bay, a body of water explorer Captain James Cook came across during his voyage to New Zealand in 1770. His discovery coincided with flooding in the region, which washed large amounts of sediment into the sea. Noticing the water’s opaque appearance, Cook cleverly christened the area Cloudy Bay.

Today, Cloudy Bay not only captures the essence of Marlborough but also embodies New Zealand's luxury to the world. The luxury of space and time, of intimate moments and nature’s rarest qualities.

"Many people can remember their first taste of Cloudy Bay, they were captivated by the wine." David Honhen, Founder Cloudy Bay. 


"With time in the glass, the wine unfurls to reveal layers of delicate florals and soft spice, melding with a core of doris plum fruit" Jim White

 Hand-picked from late March until mid April at a point of excellent flavour concentration and acid balance.





As one of Margaret River’s ‘founding five’ wineries, Cape Mentelle pioneered many of the region’s renowned wine styles and continues today as a benchmark for the quality of the region’s wines. 

Today Cape Mentelle encompasses 150 hectares of its own vines across four vineyards within the Margaret River region. 

Building on the winery’s tradition of pioneering spirit and uncompromising commitment to excellence, the Cape Mentelle team are taking up the challenge to create the best reflection of what their vineyards deliver.

Cape Mentelle draws inspiration from the great wines of the world. - reflected in the techniques employed in their vineyards as they aim to produce wines that capture a unique sense of place in every bottle. These characteristics are defined by the pristine coastal location, unique soils and 40 years of viticultural history.

The Cape Mentelle philosophy extends beyond the glass with sustainability and longevity - constantly improving the potential of their vineyards and local environments, they are paving the way for the next generation to continue the pursuit of crafting Australia's definitive wine styles and while doing so preserving and building on what is uniquely Cape Mentelle. 


“The purest expression of the fruit with minimal intervention from the winemaking team” Ben Cane

 As each block has a different personality, picking is decided by taste from late February to mid March. Hand picked into 6.5kg baskets, whole bunch pressed and straight into french oak barrels. (1/3 new). 

15 -20 YEARS


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