Isabel Estate

“I just love Isabel Estate. It’s an honest and passionate winery that is 100% focused on single estate wines and sustainable winemaking. They know their craft intimately and make the fruit truly shine. Their Sauvignon Blanc is always my first choice for long lunches with family and friends – every single time. It drinks beautifully young but also develops intriguing characters with age.”

~ Dave Short








"Isabel Estate is making some of New Zealand’s most exciting wines. The winemaking team led by Jeremy McKenzie and his offisider Josh Hammond is not just great; it is absolutely exceptional. It is one thing to have superb technical resources and vineyards blocks. It's another - even greater thing - when every detail and decision from harvesting to vinification and classification are made with laser sharp intuition and handling. There is a reason why Isabel Estate is winning so many awards at the highest level. The single estate wines are not only benchmarks, but absolutely delicious to drink and I highly recommend them."



Taste some of Isabel's finest...

  1. Isabel Estate Pinot Noir 2019
  2. Isabel Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2020
  3. Isabel Estate Pinot Gris  2019