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Olive Leaf Gin is a savoury gin, perfect for a Martini or Gintonic. It is made using three types of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf tea from the world-class groves of Victoria's Cobram Estate. At this year's World Gin Awards, Olive Leaf Gin was awarded the Best Signature Botancial Gin for its use of olive oil.

Explore below the perfect Martini recipe made with Olive Leaf Gin. This classic wet Martini doubles down on the olives to give you the perfect apéro hour drink, with nibbles included.


  • 60mL Olive Leaf Gin
  • 20mL dry vermouth
  • Olive oil
  • Lemon
  • Sicilian olives


  • Stir gin and vermouth in a mixing glass over ice
  • Strain into a frozen cocktail glass
  • Twist lemon peel over to express the oils, then discard
  • Garnish with a few drops of olive oil
  • Serve with a side dish of Sicilian olives.


“The aroma, flavour and texture of fresh olive is stunning, and we did an entire year of trials before finalising the recipe for this gin.

These trials landed us on our final mix of Olive Leaf Gin botanicals: a big base of juniper with a savoury overlay of coriander seed, rosemary and bay leaf from my backyard, olive leaf tea, olive oil, lemon myrtle, macadamia, orris root, and fresh lemon and grapefruit.”

Co-founder and distiller Cam Mackenzie

The result is a gin that is savoury, textural, bright and perfect for any Martini.