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Dom Pérignon Rose 2006 Gift Boxed


  • Product details
    The commitment to Dom Pérignon Rosé is to bring the red of Pinot Noir to life. Ten years of maturation on the lees protects the red of Pinot Noir and finally reveals it, on a high and clear note: playful, vibrant, complex, and mysterious.
  • Tasting notes
    The opening notes are a blend of dark spices and cocoa which develop very quickly into fruit aromas. Fruit reigns supreme, with roasted fig and apricot and candied orange. The overall effect exudes smoky accents. The fullness of the palate is immediately striking. Its succulence and intensity set the tone through the sweetness and crisp punch of the flavors.
  • How to enjoy
    More Information
    Recommended Flag Exclusive
    Food Pairing Snow Crab
    Serving Temp 7 - 14 degrees
    Standard Drinks 7.4
    Diet & Sustainability Egg Free, Sustainably Farmed
    Variety Champagne
    Region Epernay
    Vintage 2005
    Vintage Variable No
    Country France
    Closure Cork
    Size 750ml
    Brand Dom Perignon
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  • Perfect Champagne as a gift or special celebration
  • Ten years of maturation on the lees
  • Playful, vibrant, complex, and mysterious
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