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Disaronno Amaretto Italian Liqueur 700ml

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    Disaronno Amaretto is an Italian almond-flavoured liqueur, created from a recipe unchanged since 1525 an innkeeper created it to thank artist Bernardino Luini for using her as his Madonna muse in a fresco. This delicious Amaretto is made by infusing apricot kernel oil in alcohol before flavouring with burnt sugar and seventeen different herbs and fruits to create a taste sensation. A lovely smooth sweet, nutty addition to any cocktail, enjoy it in a Disaronno Sour, a Dis-A-Tini or a Godfather, the cocktail you can’t refuse.
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    Variety Liqueur
    Vintage Variable Yes
    Closure Screw Cap
    Size 700ml
    Brand Disaronno
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  • Disaronno Amaretto Italian Liqueur is made to a 500-year-old recipe
  • Disaronno is a sweet, nutty addition to any cocktail or can be a digestif
  • Try it in a Disaronno Sour, a Dis-A-Tini or a Godfather
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