Corporate Responsibility

At Shorty's Liquor we recognise that our business has a direct and indirect impact on the communities in which we operate. As a wholly Australian owned and operated business, we take these responsibilities very seriously and are committed to upholding social, corporate and environmental principles of the highest standard.

These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following areas:


We are dedicated to operating our business in a way that minimises adverse impacts to the environment, including complying with all relevant environmental legislation and our own internal policy (below) and targets of minimising waste and pollution. This commitment extends to working with partners and implementing systems that reduce environmental impacts wherever possible.

Environmental Policy (Nov 2016)


At Shorty’s we take pride in employing a team that reflects Australia’s rich diversity of backgrounds, underpinned by an internal policy that upholds gender equity and an unflinching commitment to a discrimination free workplace. These values, which correspond with all relevant workplace legislation, are reflected in the policy below.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Policy (Nov 2016)


We’re privileged to work with a range of trusted partners, from winemakers to shipping companies, who we’ve built remarkable relationships with over the years. In the operation of our business we are committed to ensuring our behaviour always reflects this gratitude, endeavouring to act with integrity, loyalty and honesty at all times. In return, we expect our partners to embody our own high standards in their commitment to positive environmental and employment policies.