Coopers Red Sparkling Ale 24 x 375ml

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    Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of Sparkling Ale in 1862 and to this day it is naturally conditioned with Coopers unique strain of yeast. A small amount of yeast is added before packaging, naturally carbonating the beer and increasing its alcohol content slightly. Coopers stands the test of time with today's love of craft beers and to enjoy Coopers Sparkling at its best, roll the can to mix in the yeast sediment before drinking or pouring.
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    This light, refreshing Coopers Sparkling Red artfully blends sweet and sour flavours, invigorating the senses with touches of honey and a citrus-charged tang. Boldly fizzy and instantly thirst-quenching. Coopers Sparkling is a terrific barbecue beer and magnifico with Italian dishes. The cans have 45ml more beer than stubbies and chill faster too.
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    Variety Beer
    Brand Coopers
  • Coopers Sparkling Red has touches of honey and a citrus-charged tang
  • Give Coopers Sparkling Red a roll before drinking to mix in the yeast
  • In cans for fast chilling and more beer than Coopers Sparkling bottles
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