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Just a two-hour drive from Adelaide is the Clare Valley, considered one of the most picturesque wine regions in South Australia. The Clare is the cooler northern extension of the Barossa and enjoys the Barossa’s German influence but stands alone in its commitment to quality premium dry ‘Rhine’ Rieslings, which show strong lime and citrus flavours and their ageing potential is legendary. First settled in the late 1830s by John Horrock, Clare Valley vineyards were originally planted and wines produced in the early 1840s. Today the Clare is home to about 50 wineries, also responsible for some spectacular Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The small sub region of Watervale is recognised for producing some of the finest Rieslings in the country and arguably in the world, whilst Polish Hill River is also renowned for its super premium wines.



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