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CHANDON recently released its newest creation, Garden Spritz, the latest drop from its unexpected lands, decked out in an elegant new livery for a brand that has been pioneering for more than 60 years.

Sophisticated and authentic, simple and intriguing, CHANDON Garden Spritz takes an exceptional CHANDON brut sparkling wine and adds a delectable liqueur with a secret recipe, created by the Maison’s winemakers from natural extracts of orange peels, herbs and spices, with no artificial flavors or colors. A unique alcoholic beverage that redefines the spritz experience.

Naturally Refreshing

Chandon Garden Spritz

Garden Spritz is a ready-to-chill, ready-to-share blend of our sparkling wine and orange bitters recipe – handcrafted with navel and blood oranges, dried orange peel and natural herbs and spices.

The Chardonnay grapes, Pinot Noir, and unique orange bitters give Garden Spritz its signature citrus notes and all-natural radiance. Serve in a glass over ice, add a citrus garnish and kick back under Australian skies with great company for a moment you’ll remember.

Ready to Chill and Enjoy

Chandon Garden Spritz

One of the best parts of the Garden Spritz is that the mixology is already in the bottle. It’s ready to chill, bring wherever the moment (or the sunshine) takes you, and enjoy with the pop of a cork (no wine opener needed). So, that leaves us with the question: Where will the Garden Spritz take you?

Elevating the Spritz Experience

Sophisticated yet authentic. Simple yet intriguing, it has no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. It’s nothing more than naturally delicious.

Tasting Notes: Spicy character, zesty yet rich orange flavours, nice citric tension which balance the sweetness. Bitterness becomes more obvious at the end, to bring some taste lift which counterbalances the sweet character and invites to repeat the sip.