Campari Bitter Aperitif 700ml

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    Campari’s original recipe of herbs and botanicals has been a closely guarded secret since Gaspare Campari first developed this popular Italian liqueur in the 1890s. It became fashionable in nearby Milan, Italy’s fashion capital in 1867 with the opening of Bar Camparino, which became the place to be seen as patrons savoured the Campari cocktails still served there today. Brilliant red Campari is a bitter, aromatic and semi-sweet aperitif yet so much more as it is now a staple in classic and modern cocktails, giving a unique tang to The Negroni, The Americano and The Campari Spritz.
  • Tasting notes
    It is difficult to definitively describe the taste of Campari Bitter Aperitif as the only ingredients ever owned up to are alcohol and water, but the nose is definitely reminiscent of orange peel. You’ll taste bitterness at both ends and in the middle a hit of orange citrus and some spices with sweetness too. It’s unique, it’s bitter, it’s sweet, it’s Campari.
  • How to enjoy
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    Standard Drinks 14
    Alcohol Volume % 25
    Variety Aperitif
    Closure Screw Cap
    Size 700ml
    Brand Campari
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  • Campari Bitter Aperitif is bittersweet and uniquely Campari tasting
  • Campari can be shaken, stirred, served over ice with soda, everything
  • For a bitter twist to any cocktail, Campari is the go-to Aperitif
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