Budvar Budejovicky 5% Czech Lager 24 x 330ml

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    The beer is made only from the finest ingredients, including Saaz hops, Moravian barley, and pure water. Whether enjoyed straight from the bottle or poured into a chilled glass, there is no mistaking the quality here.
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    A thick head atop rich golden colour catches the eye before Budweiser Budvar’s unique flavour captivates the taste buds.
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    Serving Temp 4 - 6 degrees
    Standard Drinks 1.3
    Alcohol Volume % 5
    Variety Imported
    Country Czech Republic
    Size 330ml
    Brand Budvar
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  • Premium Lager brewed in the Czech Republic
  • Unique brewing process with a 700 year tradition
  • Claimed to be the 'Original Budweiser' after the recipe was rumoured to be stolen
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