With many companies preparing for the return of some team members to the office environment, albeit in a very different capacity to the start of 2020, we have prepared some suggestions to assist with your beverage COVID-19 Safe Plans.


  • Check the expiry / best before dates on all items in your storerooms and fridges, even water has a best before date.
    • Bottled Water
    • Juice
    • Soft Drinks
    • Kombucha
    • Beer & Cider
  • Switch to personal consumption sized pre-packaged beverages to minimise handling and touch points: 
    • Provide bottled water and disable water coolers and filtered taps
    • Provide beer / cider in bottles and cans and disable keg systems
    • Remove shared glassware from kitchens
    • Provide 250/300 ml sized bottled juices rather than shared 1L sizes 


  • Provide individual snack sized snacks to minimise handling and eliminate what our parents tried so hard to instil in us as children – sharing! Our TMG tubs are perfect for this and have a reusable lid if your team can ration their consumption better than we can.
    Integrate teams with Virtual Drink Packages with many businesses rostering who attends the office by day and time we need to blend our social and sharing occasions. Desk Drop Drinks are a great way to ensure all team members can participate. Your account manager can coordinate pre-packed carry cases (2, 4 or 6 pack) with beer, cider, spritzers and wine so everyone can attend.


COVID safe beverages to re-stock the fridge!


  1. 40797.1.png
  2. 40912.1.png
  3. 41302.png
  4. 30062.png


  1. 45049.png
  2. Remedy Switchel Finger Lime 12 x 330ml
  3. 308.png
  4. 44687.png


  1. 43965.1.png
  2. 2864.png
  3. 1069.png
  4. 41984.1.png


  1. Canadian Club & DRY 24 x 375ml Cans
  2. Manly Spirits Australian Pink Gin & Tonic 24x275ml
  3. Quincy Lime Alcoholic Seltzers 24 x 300ml
  4. Tanqueray Gin & Tonic 24 x 275ml Bottles


  1. 356.2.png
  2. 41705.png
  3. 557.png
  4. 40206.png


  1. 31897.png
  2. 31896.png
  3. 31898.png
  4. 18140.png


  1. 42925.1.png
  2. 42923.png
  3. 43335.png
  1. 18238.png
  2. 40580.png
  3. 42173.png
  4. 42174.png

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